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  The EMBRAER KC-390 sets a new standard in medium-lift military transport. A twin turbofan with outstanding operational productivity, the KC-390 has the lowest total life cycle cost and the highest availability in its class.

Capable of being refueled in flight and also quickly configured as a tanker, the KC-390 uses state-of-the-art avionics, with dual HUD, and a full-featured mission system, including accurate computed air release point (CARP). It is equipped with a complete self-protection system and is fully NVG compatible.

The KC-390 presents extraordinary field performance and is capable of operating from short and semi-prepared airstrips. A full fly-by-wire flight control system with optimized functions assures best mission performance and safe flying with reduced crew workload.

The future of military airlift has arrived: the EMBRAER KC-390.
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