Embraer Defense Systems

Embraer Defense Systems  

  Embraer's defense aircraft provide advanced, cutting-edge technology and superior mission performance while meeting the budgetary requirements of defense programs world wide.

Every Embraer aircraft begins with an in-depth assessment of our customers' mission.

All our defense aircraft provide state-of-the-art electronics, reliability and high mission effectiveness. Combine that with low acquisition and operation costs and it's easy to see why more than 20 armed forces around the world rely on Embraer defense systems for surveillance, combat and training missions.

Value through partnership

At Embraer, customers are highly involved in all phases of the program, assuring that specific requirements (even those unknown at early stages) are properly addressed. We understand that modern air forces see their needs in terms of capabilities rather equipment. We craft capabilities. We listen, we analyze, we suggest, we do.
Value through expertise

Embraer has more than thirty-five years of activity in the defense market and an enviable record of satisfied customers around the world. The unbeatable combination of highly skilled and motivated staff with state-of-the-art engineering processes and tools makes every Embraer defense product an unmatchable masterpiece.
Value through Committment

At Embraer we deliver not only aircraft, but results. And we do know how results sometimes are challenging and exhausting to achieve, but we also know that it is in challenging situations that our skills and expertise make the difference. We are committed and pursue our customer's goals as if they were our own.

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