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  The EMB 145 MP is a new-generation Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft, developed with modern and efficient concepts arising in the 21st century.
The EMB 145 MP incorporates a wide variety of innovations in product and maintenance philosophies, capable of keeping the aircraft fully updated and operational within its entire life cycle.
The mature ERJ 145 platform and its special versions take advantage of systems defined since conception to cope with the technology evolution of equipment, systems and sensors.


The EMB 145 MP, a new addition to Embraer’s successful Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR) System, features the following characteristics:
High levels of operational efficiency, mission performance and survivability, even in the most adverse theater
Commonality with other special versions, such as the EMB 145 AEW&C and EMB MULTI INTEL
Baseline aircraft commonality with over 900 regional aircraft currently in operation worldwide, providing high levels of availability, reliability and dispatchability
An Advanced Mission System, built around an open architecture, allowing the EMB 145 MP to be configured according with customer needs
Underwing hard points capable of carrying external loads for both weapons and special equipment

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