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  The EMB 145 MULTI INTEL is an advanced Remote Sensing / Airborne Ground Surveillance and Intelligence aircraft capable of providing real-time imagery and signals intelligence over ground objectives. It is equipped with an extensive sensor suite ranging from high-performance synthetic aperture radar to electro-optical sensors, in addition to communications and electronic exploitation systems capable of gathering complete intelligence information.



Latest developments in sensors and systems

For IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) missions the aircraft is equipped with RF, E/O and IR sensors. The synthetic aperture radar is a day and night, all-weather multi-mode sensor. In the Map mode, the dual band SAR is capable of producing 3 D maps and the full polarimetric capability provides imagery with analysts multiple responses from the same scene.
Using a combination of responsive aircraft performance and high data processing ability, the SAR allows imagery generation over vast ground areas in a short period of time. In the surveillance mode the MTI allows this sensor to detect and track any moving target at low speed on the ground or on rivers.
The electro-optical sensor is a multispectral scanner capable of acquiring imagery from the visible to the thermal IR spectrum. The FLIR system completes the set of imagery sensors. All the collected images can be either processed in near real-time or recorded to be processed and analyzed on the ground.

Equipped with high-sensitivity SIGINT systems, the EMB 145 MULTI INTEL is also capable of monitoring and locating electromagnetic signal sources at very long distances. All data acquired by the on-board sensors can be transmitted in real-time to ground stations through an advanced wideband data-link system. On the ground, the collected images and SIGINT data are analyzed and fused to produce an integrated intelligence report.

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